New Freight Policy at Essco 8/1/2018

Over the past 12 months, we have examined almost every aspect of our business with one goal in mind, to provide our customers with unparalleled service and support.  This stems all the way from how we provide our product information with the launch of our new website, to providing a more diversified product offering to help you drive sales.  We also took a close look at how we could improve our product fulfillment capabilities to our customers.  We addressed this by consolidating our Portland, OR and Fontana, CA warehouse into a much larger, centrally located facility in Sparks, NV, and our Smyrna, GA warehouse into our much larger Twinsburg, OH facility, as well as adding an additional warehouse location in the same city to handle the increase inventory levels needed to service our customer base.  Both changes made to improve stocking levels, and to increase our breadth and depth of product, minimizing the potential for backorders.  We’ve also taken a hard look at how we price our products and have re-aligned our pricing accordingly to allow our dealers to remain competitive in each of their respective markets.  With all these positive changes now in place, there was still one remaining piece in the customer order process that needed to be addressed, our freight policy.   

We recognized that our current freight policy made it difficult at times to fully understand what constituted a pre-paid shipment.  From what products were eligible for free freight, to the cost of shipping equipment.  In designing our new freight policy, we listened to input from our customers to ensure we addressed these areas of concern.  A few of the key outputs from this policy include:

  1.  “Not eligible for free freight” products will be significantly reduced. Going forward, products including chemicals, liquids, and motors, will be included in your prepaid freight minimum.  A freight charge on central vac pipe will continue due to its excessive length.
  2. Equipment-There will be a standard fixed freight charge of $10 per vacuum.  Essco’s private label line of vacuums (Cirrus, Dust Care, and Evolution) will continue to count towards your free freight minimum, and will ship prepaid when part of a qualifying order.  Otherwise the standard fixed freight amount of $10 per unit will apply.     
  3. Fill-rates will increase due to the larger, better-stocked facilities. If we can’t ship your entire order from one facility, we will ship the remainder of your order from our other facility at no additional charge. If we don’t have the product you need in either facility at the time of order, we will ship your backorders for free. 


The new freight policy will begin effectively August 7, 2018Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send us an email at, or call us at 800-321-2664.  We appreciate your continued business and support.  We look forward to serving you with the highest level of service.