Updated Essco Freight Policy 1/30/2019

Dear Valued Essco Customer:

Thank you for being our loyal customer. We appreciate your business with us. Since the launch of our new Freight Policy back in August 2018 we have been informed by our Freight Carriers of an increase in rates to ship product. Our goal during the past month has been to find a way to minimize these increases. After analyzing the data, we have found the only change needed to the overall Freight Policy is to the flat rate charge for Equipment. Effective February 1st the new Flat Rate charge to ship Equipment will be $13.00. We remain committed to ensuring your shipments reach you or their destinations in a timely and efficient manner.

Please click here for an updated copy of our Freight Policy. If you have any question or concerns, please feel free to contact us via email at sales@essco.net or call us at 800-321-2664.

We appreciate your continued business support and serving you at the highest level.

Thank you,

Essco Management