Dyson Do's and Don'ts 5/8/2018

Dear Authorized Dyson Dealers,

As our valued customers, we would like to bring to your attention a few important Dyson facts that direct how Dyson product can be sold:

  • Dyson Products cannot be sold to any customers located outside of the United States or any US-based customer who may subsequently ship to locations outside of the United States. 


Absolutely no trans-shipping of Dyson Products allowed.


  • Retailer will not advertise to sell the Products below the Minimum Advertised Price (“MAP”) determined by Dyson, Inc.


“MAP” pricing set by Dyson must be adhere to.


  • Retailer will not sell the Products through any third-party online marketplace (MP) websites, including, but not limited to, Amazon.com, Jet.com, Newegg.com or Rakuten.com, eBay, Houzz.com without written authorization by Dyson, Inc. However, Retailer is permitted to sell the Products on Retailer-owned websites.


No MP sales, unless authorized by Dyson, Inc.


Violation of any of the above points can result in immediate termination.



  • Marketplace (MP) Violations:
    • Can I sell on Amazon.com if I have an official MP Authorization letter from Dyson, Inc.?
      • Yes, you may.
    • Can I sell on i.e. Newegg.com if I am not an official MP Authorized reseller by Dyson, Inc.?
      • No, you may not. You are also not permitted to sell directly to any primary marketplace under their own name like Newegg.


  • MAP Violation:
    • All Dyson equipment must adhere to MAP. If the MAP is $599.99 you may advertise on your website or in print at $599.99 not a penny less. When Dyson runs national promotions, there is a “NEW” PROMOTIONAL MAP that you may post during specific time period. 


  • Trans-shipping Violation:
    • Can I sell outside of US 50 states? NO
    • You may not sell to Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Asia or anywhere else.


There will be no notifications or second chances. If your product is bought and traced to you, your account will be terminated without notification.