Exciting Changes at Essco 5/30/2018

Providing the product you need, when you need it, at the most competitive price is at the core of what we do.

To achieve this objective, we devised a plan to invest in an infrastructure of fewer, but larger facilities. These new facilities will accommodate the breath and depth of product necessary to ensure we can consistently meet your product needs, minimize backorders and multiple shipments, all while making sure we continue to provide national coverage.

In February, we successfully excuted the first phase of our plan and consolidated our two West Coast facilities, Los Angeles and Portland, into a much larger facility in Reno, NV. On June 5th, the final phase of this plan will commence and we will be consolidating our Smyrna, GA, facility into our largest facility and headquarters in Twinsburg, OH. Preparation for this transition has been in motion over the last six months which has included re-engineering our Twinsburg facility and adding additional space and personnel. The goal is not only maintain our current level of service, but to enhance the service Essco provides you.

An example of just one benefit of this improved infrastructure is a simplified freight policy that is more customer friendly. This freight policy will be rolled out within the next month. Highlights of the policy include:

1. "Not eligible for free freight" products will be significantly reduced. Going forward, products including liquids and our private label vacuums such as Cirrus, will all count towards your free freight minimums. There will be a fixed freight charge of $10 per vacuum on all other brands, regardless of where it is shipped. A handling charge of central vac pipe will continue due to its excessive length.

2. Fill-rates will increase due to the large, better stocked facilities. If we can't ship your entire order from one facility, we will ship the remainder of your order from our other facility at no additional charge. If we don't have the product you need in either facility at the time of order, we will ship your backorders for free as soon as we receive it in either of our facilities.

3. As to not negatively impact shipping times to our dealers in the Southeast, we will provide second day shipping from Twinsburg, OH at no additional cost.

The driving force behind all these investments is to continue to improve our level of customer satisfaction.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send us an email at   sales@essco.net, or call us at 800-321-1664.