Essco Launches MAP Dashboard 8/30/2019

You may have noticed the new MAP Program link in the upper right section of the homepage after you login with your credentials.  If you are active on 3rd party retail websites and your Essco account has been linked to at least one active 3rd Party Seller Alias, the link will take you directly to the full dashboard. For all others, the link will take you to a generic landing page with general Essco MAP policy information.

With 24-hour access and real-time data, the dashboard will quickly help you identify your specific approved and non-approved vendor parts and machines, as well as your compliance status within current MAP parameters. Even if you are not currently authorized to sell the brands but were active in the past, you may receive the dashboard based on your past activity. Please click on the link below for additional details on the functionality of the dashboard.

MAP Program Dashboard Instructions

Essco is committed to providing the proper tools and services to help you manage your e-commerce sales and marketplace compliance.  We look forward to working with you and welcome your suggestions and input. Thank you for your business, if you have any questions or concerns please contact your Sales Representative or our Customer Service Dept at 1-800-321-2664.