China Lock-down Affecting Shipments 4/6/2022

Dear Valued Customers,

Please be advised manufacturing and the movement of cargo in and around the Shanghai vicinity remains at a standstill this week as China has extended the lockdown of the metropolitan Shanghai area to stay in line with its strict zero-COIVD policy. Movement around the city by the general population, even for basic life essentials, has been restricted. 

Initially, it was expected that the lockdown would end on or around April 5th. However, the lockdown will potentially extended for another week. Shanghai's Pudong Airport is still non-operational for passenger and cargo operations at this time. Truckers are not allowed to move in or out of the airport area. The Shanghai ocean port remains open, however, operations and transit to and from the port continues to be extremely limited which will delay the movement of goods.

This lockdown is the largest China has had to date following earlier lockdowns in Shenzhen and Ningbo in recent months. Other areas, such as Ningbo, are accepting cargo to be re-routed from Shanghai. Due to routing changes, we are now seeing a significant demand on available capacity for trucking, air, and ocean freight which could contribute to additional delays of cargo.