Exciting Changes at ESSCO 6/1/2018

How does a company in business for over 90 years continue to evolve and enhance the value to its customers? That is the question ESSCO embraced in the last year and successfully executed a plan to meet this goal. The result is exciting changes for both the Market and ESSCO.

Providing the products our customers need, at competitive prices, in a timely fashion and with world class service is at the core of what we do. Many changes have been made in the last year to elevate the business including warehouse consolidation, adding Senior Management Staff, expanding product opportunities/partnerships and installing a more simplified freight policy for the customers.

To more efficiently reach the US Market ESSCO has reduced its footprint to two warehouses, with the most recent change being the closure and consolidation of the Smyrna, GA facility into the Twinsburg facility along with re-engineering that warehouse. ESSCO now has two larger, well-staffed locations (Sparks, NV and Twinsburg, OH) to effectively serve the entire US market, improve fill rates and reduce backorders. To minimize the impact on shipping times and costs for its Southeast customers, ESSCO has implemented selective freight policy changes to address those concerns.

Internal personnel changes have also been made to advance the customer experience. Two new Sales Managers were added to support and assist all the Customer Service and Sales Personnel in providing superior service to all our customers. These new Managers have considerable experience in multiple industries which will help to improve the overall sales processes and customer interaction.

Throughout this period ESSCO has continued to expand its product offerings to the Dealers including exciting new partnerships with Suppliers such as Hayden, GreenTech and PowAir to provide even more revenue generating opportunities. Of course flagship lines such as Cirrus, Dyson, DVC and many others continue to be the mainstay of the business.

One final infrastructure improvement is the simplification of its freight policy which ultimately will provide better, lower cost freight service throughout the US.

All these strategic investments and changes at ESSCO will further strengthen its Market leading position, support its long-term growth objectives and continue to enhance the total value to its customers.